Arachnida Ring of Shock (3.5e Equipment)

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Arachnida Ring of Shock[edit]

In order to use this Arachnida Ring, the spider's Rider must have the trample feat, and must be riding the spider. The spider may use this ring when it's Rider initiates a mounted charge. If the spider succeeds, it must make an attack roll (it is automatically proficient with the weapon it uses- it's legs). If it's attack hits, it deals a number of d6 of electricity damage equal to the level of the ring.

Faint Evocation; CL 5 per d6; Forge Ring; Shocking Grasp; 2000gp (1d6), 4000gp (2d6), 6000gp (3d6), 8000gp (4d6) or 10,000gp (5d6).

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