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Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device[edit]

The Aperature Science Handheld Portal Device
Size Large
Critical 20
Range Increment 110ft
Type Misc.
Purchase DC
Damage 1d4 (see below);
Rate of Fire S
Weight 20lbs

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device[edit]

The HPD has two firing modes, firing portal entrances and exits to make portals functional. The first type of portal is blue, the second orange. If one of each is present on the field, the two portal gateways are linked, allowing objects and medium-sized creatures to pass through one end and exit at the other. The HPD (Hand-held Portal Device) is very useful when trying to overcome obstacles which would otherwise be impassable. It is vital to remember that velocity and speed is sustained as one travels through portals. For instance if two portals are positioned as so, then after jumping down three units into the in portal, the character will be flung three units outwards.

Portals can be exposed to any environment, but disappear if pierced from the underside or are submerged in water. If a portal is deactivated while a creature is standing in it, they take 1d8 damage, and are flung back one square.

The most common application of the portal gun is jumping great heights. If you have a nearby wall available, using the portal gun gives you a +2 bonus to jump checks for every 10 ft. of the wall, with no cap on jump height or distance. However, doing this properly requires either a Slight of Hand or Tumble check, at DC 15 + 1 for every ten feet of the wall. Failing this check causes you to take falling damage as if you fell from that height instead.

Do not look at the operational end of the device, do not touch the operational end of the device, and do not submerge the device in water, even partially. Failure to abide by these rules ends in 1d4 damage as the device or your body shorts out and gives you an owie.

You can attempt a touch attack with the Portal Gun for 1d4 damage, but you always take a -4 penalty to your attack roll when used in this manner. It's much more efficient to simply place one portal underneath someone, and one portal in a high location this requires a Slight of Hand check at DC 20, and can be dodged with a DC 20 Reflex Save.

Not being proficient with any firearms gives you a -4 penalty when moving the portal gun. Having a the Weapon Focus feat of any energy weapon adds +1 to all checks involving the portal gun.

Creative players will immediately try to abuse the portal gun, so please be careful about putting this in your campaign.

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