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Anusteri are ancient, and as such act more slowly than other races. However, once they get started, their magical power and wisdom are nearly unmatched.

Physical Description[edit]

Anusteri are large and almost completely covered in fur. Fur colors among Anusteri usually stick to black, brown, gray, and white, with brown and gray being the most common. However, the more interesting physical feature of an Anusteri are the stone-like plates covering its body. These plates are almost always dark gray. They are usually located on the Anusteri's forearms, calves, shoulders, upper chest and back, and head. Anusteri's heads are flattish, and the plates cover the entire top, with small holes for the eyes. This gives the false impression of Anusteri having beaks. The "head plates" end in the back by splitting into horn-like protrusions at the end (these do not give a natural attack). The Anusteri's hands and feet have no fur or plates on them; they instead are covered with tough, wrinkled skin, which is usually black. Anusteri are actually immortal, but they all choose their "Time of Fading," which is when an Anusteri believes his or her life's work is complete and simply fades away.


Anusteri are willing to trust anyone who repeatedly proves that they are devoted to the fight against evil. Anusteri have especially good relations with humans, as the humans' good-aligned kingdoms have frequently allied with the ancients in ages past.


Anusteri are devoted to the fight against evil, in all its forms. As such, Anusteri cannot be of an evil alignment, but can be anything else. As they age, many Anusteri tend to gravitate to lawful alignments.


Anusteri are found at the edges of society, watching and waiting for evil to strike, ever prepared to defend freedom and good. They only intervene with civilization when absolutely necessary to prevent terribly evil acts.


Though general beliefs and rumors say Anusteri are atheist, as they don't worship any known gods, Anusteri are actually very faithful. In reality, they hold a strong friendship with teir creators, rather than a master/servant role. They only have this special connection with gods of good or lawful alignments.


Anusteri can learn any language. Their own tongue is thought to be fused with some sort of powerful magic, as when they speak it, the hum of eldritch power is felt by those who hear it.


Anusteri names are quite varied, though for reasons unknown, many have names that include double letters somewhere. Some examples are Warriking, Aralgriiv, Nestuumi, and Kaalithus.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 to Wisdom, +2 to Intelligence, -4 to Dexterity, -2 to Charisma : All known Anusteri are at least 400 years old; the younger ones are hidden from the rest of the world. Due to this aging, all Anusteri adventurers have high Wisdom and Intelligence scores. However, a large size and lack of training in speed give them lower Dexterity and their head plates make them less appealing to some races.
  • Humanoid (Monstrous): Anusteri have a somewhat ape-like body type, with longer arms than legs, along with the fur and plates that cover their bodies.
  • Large Size:
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