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Anav’s Wrath: Anav’s Wrath: This simple-looking halfspear is made of rich brown wood, with the grain clearly visible. Two darker spots on the weapon mark where past wielder’s hands have gripped it. Subtle scratches show where it has been used to block enemy weapons, and the deep red-brown of old bloodstains mars its dull steel point.

Among the jungle people this is a legendary item, given to the hero Anav by the Great Bear himself. Anav was a proud specimen of his race—tall and fair, with red-blond hair and fierce tattoos all over his handsome face—and an elite fighter for his tribe, reveling in the beastrage that fell upon him at the sight of his enemies. Anav brought many enemy sacrifices to the Lord of Beasts, whether other white-skinned natives or the darkskinned invaders. As the incursions by the foreigners increased in Anav’s waning years, he went into the jungle alone to speak with the Great Bear in hopes of finding guidance to protect his people. Anav wandered for days and finally came upon a manifestation of his god, a great bear with a spear stuck in its side. The bear spoke in the words of man and commended Anav on his strength and bravery. The bear then pulled the spear out of his own body and gave it to the man. The godsblood from the spear ran onto Anav’s hands, restoring him to his youthful vigor. The bear told him that as long as he used the weapon to defend his tribe it would maintain his life and youth. Anav returned to his village and used the weapon to drive back the invading men. After two years of slaughter, the invaders left. Without enemies to fight, Anav became withered and old again, and when he died he was buried under a pile of animal skulls in the jungle.

Anav’s Wrath is a +2 mighty cleaving shortspear. The weapon allows the wearer to wild shape once per day into the form of a brown bear (the weapon fuses with the bearer’s left or right hand, and the magical properties of the weapon apply to the bearer’s left or right front claw when transformed in this way). This transformation lasts up to one hour, and the wearer regains hit points as if he had rested for a day (as the wild shape ability). Caster Level: 8th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, divine power, polymorph self or creator must be able to wild shape; Market Price: 38,301 gp; Cost to Create: 19,301 gp + 1,520 XP.

CL 8th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, divine power, Polymorph or creator must be able to wild shape; Cost 19,301 gp + 1,520 XP; Weight: 3 lb.; Market Price: 38,301 gp

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