Amulet of Draconic Dominance (3.5e Equipment)

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Gifted to Keeper of the Balance by overlord of the gods for services rendered in past.


Amulet is made of dark metal, chain is same material. Appears as different color to each person. Main amulet is dagger with twin dragons circling blade and facing off over the pommel. The guard of the handle has a pure emerald set in. Pommel itself has Ruby nlaid.


Normally: Wearing the The Amulet of Draonic Dominance provides a +6 on strength as well as a +3 Intelligence and +5 increase natural armour.
If worn with Ring of True Belief and Ring of Unending Peace, forms Triad of Power, adding the effect of immunity to Fear fro Dragons and draconic creatures as well as the breath attacks of the same.
Eykanos Drakulzen Triad of Power:
Ring of Unending Peace Ring of True Belief

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