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The Explanation[edit]

Written by the Archivist, known to /tg/ as Amazing.

If you want the half-minute answer, Americana was created by myself and a bunch of Anonymous users on the subdirectory /tg/ on the imageboard 4chan for no reason other than we thought it'd be cool.

To elaborate: /tg/ is the Traditional Games board on the ridiculously popular imageboard system known as 4chan (, but I wouldn't advise dropping by if you're under 18 or at work). As could be expected with any gathering of serious nerds, they occasionally decide to toss out the existing ideals and either beat them into their own form or create something entirely new. Numerous projects like this exist, most of them semi-forgotten in the mists of time, bearing strange and exotic names like Devil's Dixie and Rodentia, all of them either attempts to create something new for an existing system like D20 or, in rarer cases, create an entirely new games system.

Americana, unlike most of these projects, did not start by branching off of an existing discussion of something. It was a creation story from the get-go, though like any /tg/ project the details were initially somewhat vague. A D&D DM wanted to create an all-new story setting for his next campaign, based off an image he'd found on /b/ (the Random board on the same site, and even moreso not to be visited at work or by the young) of "America, as Japan sees it" (a slightly modified version of that image can be found in the Places section).

/tg/ is sluggish and uncooperative at times, but in this case it took the idea and ran a marathon with it. The original thread topped a hundred posts of crazy ideas about a not-quite-America setting, and eventually yours truly had the idea of bringing it over here so it wouldn't be lost to the ages like most of /tg/'s projects, which suffered mostly from lack of continued support and lack of a single solid source to keep the data (4chan's style results in all threads being deleted after a certain period of time or number of posts, unless a Mod stickies it- and for threads like this, that's not likely. However, the original thread has been archived here). With the project ensconced on a full-fledged Wiki, with an active and established community, it became- in a /tg/ sense- immortal.

All of this is the reason why a good deal of the work has no listed source author- most posters on /tg/ and 4chan in general choose to post Anonymously, making crediting exact sources next to impossible. But this project didn't have one author; it had many, and no matter how much they contributed they all played a part. So if anything can be called Author on Americana, it's /tg/ as a whole, hence the "anyone can help without fear of reprisal" attitude. To make this a private project would detract from the original spirit of it, which is what makes it great- a project by the people, for the people.

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