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This page is where errata of varying importance gets shunted if it doesn't really fit anywhere else. Information on this page may be shifted to other pages as work continues, so stay watchful.


Due to the relative scarcity of gold and plentifulness of the lesser resources, Americ nations' money scales are shunted one step up. The lowest level of coinage is made out of tin rather than copper, whereas copper pieces are equal to silver in other worlds, and silver to gold. Gold coins do exist, but are not typically used in everyday transactions.


Languages in Americana can be sorted into your fairly typical fantasy set--Common, Elven, Draconic, Goblin yadda yadda yadda. Something to note, however, is that in pronunciation and writing these languages are virtually identical to various real languages. Not all the identities have been mapped, but Common collates to English, Draconic to German, Elven to French, and Goblin to Spanish. Others that are somewhat known include Old Yorki, which is Dutch, and Dwarven, which has similarities to the Scandinavian triangle of Danish-Swedish-Norwegian.

Note, however, that language correlation does not equate to cultural correlation. More on that can be found in The Facts sections.

Yellowstone Dragons[edit]

Yellowstone's draconic elite are primarily Copper and Brass, with some Bronzes--all in all, roughly eighteen breeding pairs and their young. Also present are three outliers--one Blue pair, and a single young adult Red. The Blues followed the Brasses north from the deserts, and opted to stick around once Yellowstone got underway--along with the Bronzes, they head up Yellowstone's military and law enforcement. As they are brothers, it was inevitable that they would get dubbed "The Blues Brothers". The elder one, Bluebird, hates the label; the younger one, Blueblood, loves it.

The Red is a stranger case--no less, in fact, than Ascelion, the eldest male child and current heir to the Red Lord himself. As the old Red Lord has not been seen even by his own dragons since the end of the Great War, the Red would be well within his rights to claim his inheritance, and only he knows the exact reasons he doesn't. Ascelion's presence is more tolerated than anything else--though he did provide some help with Yellowstone's construction, since then he's been doing little besides lying around and clashing ideologies with pretty much anyone he meets. The population tolerates him to humor their leader, but it is suspected that the only reason Izithrax keeps him around is to help fund projects and to avoid incurring the wrath of his father by crushing him like an ant.

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