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As much as they may try to avoid it, the Americ nations are all deeply ingrained in the past. While you might not notice it on the surface, all you have to do to note one of the most glaring similarities is to get in trouble- in addition to all having pretty much the same horrid prisons, the nations all have highly similar rules of law, all based off some massive and ludicrously extensive ruleset since lost to time and revived in part by recall and hearsay in the modern books of law.

Which is not to say they are identical. Currency is a good example- though every nation stamps its own currency with its own markings, all the nations use the silver coin as the basic standard of wealth. The markings are just the area's individual flavor.

Generally applied laws basically amount to no stealing, killing, destruction of property, willful misuse of magic, various degrees of attempts to create harm (as in, doing no harm on your own but causing harm as a result- which can be anything from selling tainted fish to summoning a demon), impersonating a professional whatever, and the various smaller codes of respect and honesty that any good law officer will be eager to uphold.

Long story short, don't do anything stupid.

Local Laws[edit]

Just because they're not effective everywhere doesn't make them any less important to know.

Native Law[edit]

One must mind their manners when in another's house. It can often save you more than your dignity.
—Mayordomo Sigmund Rochester, Governing Officer of St. Paul

The important thing to remember about the Native America is that they place a high value on life in general. While this does not mean that killing is forbidden, it also doesn't mean that rampant slaughter is acceptable. The principle cited is, "Take only what you need." If you shoot that buffalo, you find a use for every last part of it. The Natives frown upon anyone who indiscriminately takes life, and will likely exact a price if they catch you.

Salt Lake City[edit]

The Nation of Salt Lake is notable in that many of its laws pertain to religion. This is hardly surprising given that Salt Lake is a religious state, but the penalties are remarkably harsh and anyone passing through the territory should make note. Blaspheming, mocking religious beliefs, vandalizing or desecrating holy property, and being generally obnoxious to the religious will all earn penalties about three times higher than the norm, so irreverent characters can expect to lose their pocketbook fast if they aren't careful.

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