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To quote the original author, Americana "is taking the general mythologies of different areas of the country and porting them into the game as flavor." That combined with 3.5 Edition D&D and a slightly steampunk setting gives you the setting as it is, and should give you a good idea of where to start from there.

Americana may not be my project originally, but I've sunk quite a few hours into it by this point and would love to hear ideas, elaboration, et cetera. If you want to help with the setting, feel free to drop me a line at I'd love to talk all about it!

Advice For Adding Things[edit]

-Have fun. This is Numero Uno. You should be smiling to yourself as you write.
-Make fun. This is what it's all about. How does this part of America look to you? Write it like that.
-Make facts fiction. Don't make things completely up. Take what's real and twist it- that's the spirit of the whole idea. A good word to sum it up is "caricature"- that is, taking something, making its prominent features ridiculously prominent and its less prominent features nonexistent, so in the end the whole thing is an extreme of itself and looks almost nothing like the original.
-Write with what you know. You live somewhere. If that somewhere is in America, look around there, write about what you know, but with a touch of your own perception. If that somewhere isn't in America, write about the place as you think it is. Don't bother to correct yourself- you can't be wrong here.
-Have fun. Did I mention that already?
-Don't get territorial. This is a community project. If someone adds something onto your work that isn't along the line you were thinking, don't go nuts and wipe it. Work both it and your own work to accomodate each other. That way we get more contributions and everyone is happy.
-Don't stake claims. Similarly. If you ARE adding on, for the love of the Gods, don't completely wipe what's already there. That leads to edit wars and nobody winds up a winner. Work your work to fit with what's already there, maybe change a few existing details, maybe also change some of your writing. That way, it all meshes and we all win.
-Keep it silly. While it's good to be serious about doing good work, the base premise should remain ludicrous. This is a setting with the Presidents as gods, Dire Mosquitoes, and giant zeppelins over the Rockies. There's room to get silly here.
-Have fun. I think I might be repeating myself.

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