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Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Magic, liberation, community, artifice
Divine Rank.

Portfolio: Music, poetry, inspiration, memory, creativity, healing, communication, artifice, magic, birds, harmonious relationships, knowledge

Worshippers: Bards, poets, artists, dancers, writers, shamans, animists

Cleric Alignments: Any Non-chaotic

Domains: Magic, liberation, community, artifice

Favored weapon: Short-spear with a long blade, Staff, Cudgel

Amergin usually presents himself as a thin young or middle-aged man with close cropped black hair and beard or with hair and van-dyke that is long and black and iridescent like a crow’s plumage. He wears either white hooded robes trimmed in seven colored knotwork motifs or a dark blue tunic trimmed in gold with leather trousers, boots or sandals, and a seven-colored plaid cloak. Amergin often presents himself as a member of the same race as the person to whom he appears or he travels as a human or dwarf. He carries with him a harp whose soundbox and pillar are carved as one piece from the flesh of a branch fallen fom the first willow. The neck of his harp is cut from the same tree. Amergin uses a short-hafted spear that has a long leaf-blade that vibrates with great force on demand. His fighting technique is very much a martial dance.


Amergin was a lesser arcane deity until he spent a mortal lifespan on the material plane out of curiosity. While he was travelling as a mortal he discovered that the material plane is composed of vast amounts of arcane energy that are trapped within form, much as ice is water given form, by standing waves of arcane energy/vibrations. He developed a process by which entities trapped in material form can manipulate to limited effect these energies that are slowed to near zero vibration. He spent several lifetimes as a mortal studying this phenomenon and honing his skills of manipulation and teaching his ways to the mortal inhabitants of the material plane. Mortals call this process music but Amergin’s music is more than mundane as it is interwoven with arcane energy and practices. Amergin seeks to raise the vibrational levels of all material plane entities to a level of transcendence. All inhabitants of the mortal planes have a very basic innate capacity to manipulate sound as they have organs to sense it and produce it, but it takes talent and much study, discipline and dedication to master the arts of Amergin. Amergin provides inspiration, protection, and guidance to his followers. He teaches that memory and creativity are the primary tools of a musician and that diligent (not necessarily disciplined) study is the best way to awaken one’s inner power.

Clergy and Temples

Temples dedicated to Amergin are diverse in form. Some are large conservatories of formal learning that have power and prestige in the world. Some are inns and taverns where folk musicians regularly gather to play. A temple to Amergin may also be even a hut or isolated area in the wild where a dedicated learner has spent many hours learning and practicing. Generally it is the music itself that consecrates the temple to this deity.

The clergy of Amergin are likewise diverse. The most basic of Amergin’s clerics would be a travelling busker, his home on his back, who signifies his devotion with an amulet or a tattoo; or a shaman of a barbarian tribe singing medicine to local animae. At the other end of the spectrum is the conservatory cleric. Conservatories often have a strict merit-based hierarchy that usually delineates members through a system of color-rights. Novices in these organizations may wear two colors, usually blue and gold. The next level is named “Bardachd” (minor bard). Bardachd may wear garments of three colors. Bards come next and have earned the right to wear four colored garments. Bardic Knights are upper-classmen and alumni who actively work towards the Conservatory’s goals in the world and are allowed to wear garments of five colors. Bardic Masters are the instructors and administrators of the colleges or may be special envoys to royal courts or adjunct researchers or performers of great renown. Bardic Masters have the right to wear six colors. Amergin himself alone retains the right to wear seven colors or to dispense that right. Outside of these hierarchies and beyond areas their geographic influence, any musician may dedicate herself to the service of Amergin and be his cleric.

Amergin Bard 20/Wizard 18/Fighter 14 Medium Outsider (neutral good) Divine Rank 16 -->

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