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The many people of the planet[edit]

Simiran is inhabited by elves, dwarves, and humans principally, with mixtures of half and quarter breeds.



Powerful NPCs[edit]

Notable NPCs[edit]

Cratenbark, Vont (41,410AA-41,511AA): Leader of the dwarves during the Dark Age. His decision to withdraw from human civilization made him unpopular, but may have saved the race from extinction.

Dentair, Rowshan(12,000AAaprox-12,142): Born in a peasant elven family, he was fostered early in the Golden Age and helped swing it to full momentum. He composed over 400 pieces for the Metallic Harp, Wooden Fife, drums, and Vibrating Tube. He died a national hero.

Hont, Lonston (--BA-09AA): Commander in Chief of the United Simiran Army (USA) during the War for Independence. He was killed during the Siege of Simirandel, 4 hours before the enemies' retreat.

Krotos (c40,400AA--): Also known as the ShadowKing, this immortal man stole from the Druid Donkvon Litenchur the secrets of immortality in his quest to open and learn the secrets of the Book of Zanayris. He is also founder of the Shadow Guild, warring enemies with TCPA during the Dark Ages.

Larden, Mando (904,176 AA--): One of the more powerful people in modern Simiran, he is leader of the TCPA at the present and has an estimated following of 140,000 people.

Ligennfurd, Singf(39,812-39,894): A rogue who stole a ship and became a pirate late in the Golden Age, raiding hundreds of ships and settlements during his life until killed by a catapault from the RSN (Royal Simiran Navy) during a raid on the Greyven Moors.

Leopolis, MMM (904,128AA--) : King of Simiran. He bears no first name in the royal tradition, only the number of descendants before him. His most important decision to date is to set up the USGA, the first official food harvesting organization. -Leopolis, Family]: Royal family of Simiran. The closest planet to Sangra is named after this royal family. The bloodline began by Hont's nephew, a decorated war hero along with his uncle. A descendant of the royal throne, he rules all of Simiran and is married to a new female ever revolution. He bears no first name, only a number, in this case, exactly 3000.

Litenchur, Donkvon (40,496AA-- ): The last surviving druid in Simiran. As an apprentice, his life was spared by Krotos when Donkvon gave him the gift of immortality. He is viewed by some as a traitor, though few know of his existence. He lives in a tower near the Calamanto ruins, as he is half dwarf. Born 40,496 AA. Seutenbaug, Ventor (42,049AA-42,102): Founder of TCPO in 42079, he died in his sleep, stirring suspicions that the rival guild led by Krotos had assassinated him at the young aged of 53.

Monsen, Sintag (40,102--): Leader of the EAKF and the most respected historian in the land. He is responsible for writing the entire history of the Leopolis family in epic poetry titled "Birth of Leaders"

Shadowking: See Krotos

Generic NPCs[edit]

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