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Active Players and their Characters[edit]

Joshua Brighthammer: Cleric 15/Heirophant 15 King Brighthammer was originally a human who came from the northern mountains. His family was murdered by orcs and he was taken in by the dwarves and raised as one of them. The god moradin saw great potential in brighthammer and remade him into a dwarf so he could truly be one of the mountain folk. Brighthammer had great talent in creating runes and apprenticed under the famous rune master, Master Bouldergrey. Brighthammer eventually discovered a way to fuse arcane power into his divine works and created new wondrous items. His greatest creation was Ragnarok herald of the planes. The hammer was rumored to be able to banish any foe to a realm far away. Brighthammer's closest friend was Jared Arkenson who eventually ascended to godhood. After years of adventuring and making a name for himself he returned to his dwarven home and claimed the title of king. He ruled in grace and peace for many years. eventually the kingdoms fell into war and he sided with the arcadians and andorians. His fighting prowess was so feared on the battlefield that Moradin lord of the dwarves called brighthammer to fight for him in the heavens.

People of Dominaria[edit]

Notable People[edit]

Generic People[edit]

The key to any good campaign/adventure are great NPCs. Nothing does more to get players into the story than NPCs that feel real and have stories. People love when that contact in the city has a feel to him: a crusty old adventurer perhaps, or a well traveled merchant captain. It gives the character a believable feel that promotes good role-play and can be really engrossing. Below I've provided several examples of great NPCs, suitable for those very important NPC positions in your campaign. You needn't go into so much detail on every NPC of course as such a task would be unbelievably exhausting, but character creation like this helps spark your creativity so you can slip in more characterful minor NPCs.

Sir Roderic 'The Wolf' of Balmorra: EXP 2/WAR 5/FTR 2/KNI 1

Roderic Marksson was born in the small township of Fairmeadow in central Ramosia. When he turned 16 he was apprenticed to the town's blacksmith (Expert lvl 2). He worked there for several years, falling in love with the blacksmith's daughter and planning on eventually marrying her. When he was 20, the 4th Orcinian War started, plunging the Ramosian city states into a desperate war against the hordes of Orcs and Goblinoids under the Uruk General Gargash-Kun that poured out of Orcinium. On midsummer's eve of that same year his town was attacked and burned to the ground. As far as Roderic knew he was the only one to escape his small town alive.

Roderic made his way to Balmorra, the city state to which his town was a tributary. Once there, finding no one who could pay mind to an orphan of a small farming village, Roderic chose to enlist in the militia (Warrior lvl 1). His prodigious strength bred at the forge marked him as a promising soldier and he was trained out of the militia and into the Balmorran Army proper. The following spring he marched south with the Army and fought his first battle on a bridge over the Daan River at the Battle of Jacob's Crossing. At the height of the battle when all seemed lost, Roderic raised the fallen banner of his unit and rallied many of the far more veteran troops - his hatred for the Orcs driving them to victory.

After this Roderic was recognized for his heroism and promoted to Sergeant (Warrioi lvl 2) at the age of 21. He fought for the next 3 long years against Gargash-Kun's hordes, surviving almost a dozen major battles and many more skirmishes and being transformed into a battle hardened veteran (Warrior lvl 5) by the time the Armies of Balmorra and Ak'kritar assaulted Gargash-Kun's fortress deep in Orcinium. There he fought in the vanguard, fighting his way onto the wall and then deeper into the warren of tunnels that made up the fortress. It was Roderic who was the hero again that day, climbing over the bodies of all the Knights and regular soldiers that Gargash-Kun had killed to strike him down upon his own Throne.

For his actions that day, Roderic was elevated to an Officer (FTR lvl 1) in the Balmorran Army. He was trained in sword fighting and the use of a lance and the equestrian skills he learned as a boy were honed to a razor edge. He fought with valor (FTR lvl 2) during the Ramosian Unification War and earned the title of 'Wolf of Balmorra' among the Ak'kritari forces. His cavalry was among the last Balmorran forces to surrender to the Ak'kritarians and later fought for them under Balmorran generalship in the 'Ramosian' Army for the rest of the Unification War. Roderic was Knighted (Knight lvl 1) after the war for his service and lived out the rest of his life in Balmorra as the Captain of the Guard.

Roderic or someone like him could be very useful as the Captain of the City Guard for a Cityscape campaign or a contact within a city/guide into the Mystic Mountains for a normal party.

Gedren Redford, Wizard of 7th Order, Sworn to the Order of Saleria: WIZ 9/ARC 5

Gedren Redford was born in the coastal city of Fal Darra in Velmorra. He was apprenticed to

Sample Adventurers[edit]

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