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Ahab West[edit]


  • Name : Ahab West
  • Nickname : Abe
  • Age : Around 5,000 years old, no recorded info.
  • Worships : Kas
  • Gender : Male Race : Vampire
  • Class : Fighter Level : 10
  • Profession : Commander of the Shizoku
  • Hit Points : 73 AC :
  • Alignment : Chaotic Neutral
  • Nomadic
  • No. Of Attacks : 2 attacks (Dagger, Dagger)

Game Stats[edit]

  • Strength: 19 +3, +7 (24 +6, +12)
  • Dexterity: 18
  • Intelligence: 18
  • Wisdom: 18
  • Constitution: 18
  • Charisma: 19


  • He may be a Chaotic Neutral Vampire, but if you get on his good side, he will not hurt you.
  • Commander / Chief Enforcer of a clan of vampires called the Shizoku
  • Commands at his castle, or at Elder Island
  • Lives on a small island in a castle
  • Lives on the island with his human wife, Addy West, and their 4 kids: Aidan West (Full Vampire), Kaya West (Half-Vampire), Aedrios West (Full Vampire), and Kirsten West (Adopted human child)
  • He doesn't enjoy suprise guests, but if your friendly, he will let you spend the night, give you some supplies for your journey.
  • Get on his bad side, and he will try to make sure you don't see the light of the next day.

Where He Can Be Found[edit]

Racial Benefits and Penalties[edit]




  • Gold: 100,000 in Gems (hidden in his castle)


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