Advanced Secrets of Glamour (D20 Modern Feat)

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Advanced Secrets of Glamour

Prerequisite: Alchemist 3rd level, Knowledge (Physical Science) 6 ranks
Benefit: An illusion you creature through the ‘Secrets of Glamour’ class-ability applies touch and texture to the senses affected. If all the senses are used in an illusion (sight, smell, sound, and touch) add a +4 to the save DC for that effect. You also can create illusions outside your range of vision (such as behind you) at one-fourth the range as long as you have a general idea as to what’s there, and do not need to keep constant eye-contact with any such illusions. You still must maintain concentration as normal.
Normal: An illusion created with ‘Secrets of Glamour’ without this feat cannot replicate the sensation of touch, nor create a illusion beyond 'range of sight' and must keep eye contact with the illusion in order to maintain it.

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