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Advanced Crafting[edit]

The existent crafting rules are all fine and good if you want to make something that has been done before, but what if you want to make something completely new? What if you want to make a warhammer with reach, or a chain weapon that deals slashing damage with one end and bludgeoning with the other? Or something completely different that I can't even think of? Then you need new crafting rules to allow for that!

This new crafting system runs on a crafting points system. Each item is assigned a number of craft points that relates to their difficulty of creation or their total complexity. An item's craft DC can be determined from its craft point total, but no matter what your craft bonus, some things are just too complex to create without magic.


Every item needs a base to start from. This base determines the main function of the item, whether it be weapon, armor, tool or fixture.

Base Base Weight
Weapon 1
Armor 2
Tool 5 lbs
Fixture 4 x (Size) 2
1: Based on size and type

2: Based on type

Simple Martial/Exotic
Light 1 lb 2 lbs
One Handed 3 lbs 4 lbs
Two handed 6 lbs 10 lbs
Type Armor Type Armor
Light 10 lb Hands/Arms/Feet 2 lbs
Medium 30 lbs Rings/Eyes/Neck 1 lb
Heavy 40 lbs Shoulders/Waist 4 lbs
Shield 5 lbs Body/Torso/Head 4 lbs

Fine 1, Diminutive 2, Tiny 3, Small 4, Medium 5, Large 6, Huge 7, Gargantuan 8, Colossal 10

Type CP Cost Type CP Cost
Weapon 5 Armor 20
Tool 30 Fixture 10
Light Armor 10 Hands/Arms/Feet 10
Medium Armor 20 Rings/Eyes/Neck 20
Heavy Armor 30 Shoulders/Waist 5
Shield 5 Body/Torso/Head 8

Light Weapons have a base damage of


Every object has a few qualities, at the very least. Each of these add to either Craft Point total, weight, or both.

Weapon Qualities[edit]

Type CP Cost Weight

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