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  • Abyssmal-gates are the portals created between Temple and the Abyss. Gates on Temple can be anywhere. They tend to be well hidden. They are magical gates that allow for travel between the two planes. They are made by Demons and Chaotic Evil Dieties in an effort to essentially merge the worlds, allowing the Demons to roam Temple and rule it.
  • Closing Abyssmal-gates is the hard part. They are found throughout the lands of Temple and normally have several Demons and Daemons guarding them. Once you enter the gate you'll find yourself in the Abyss. (Random plane of the abyss, pick one). No one is your friend. A Great Massive Metallic Control Stand with a Ball of Swirling Colorful Energy keeps the Gates functioning; these are found in the center of the Abyss' planes. These control spheres are usually guarded by many Demons and Daemons and one commander of all the Demons there (usually a Marillith). The only way to destroy these gates is to use a strong dispel magic spell on the gate itself and to get rid of the control sphere; you must smash the stand to pieces, and then pour acid or Green Slime over it. In order to get rid of the ball of energy, you must make a rift in space, (i.e. The reaction when you stick a bag of holding into a portable hole.) Then ┬áthe control sphere, and gates, and energy ball will be destroyed. No one knows how many gates and control stands there are, and we may never know.

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