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Abysma is the lowest of the Inath Castes, because it is without potential for Ascendence. This Caste simply denotes not having any inherent Divine Spark. Races who do not believe culturally in the afterlife, or those whose races were cursed in the far past belong to this group, though the vast majority of living organisms. Non-living constructs and most Aberrations belong to this Caste, though cursed races such as the Vashar also fall into this category (see more in Mortality & Immortality).

This Caste is actually the minority of the races with inherently mortal bodies, since many deities and philosophical powers grant immortality in various forms. This is even truer in those intelligent races with any form of introspection or cultural values. Traditional and lawful societies tend to take more dogmatic and indoctrinated specifications about those who are blessed and those who are “cursed” and lacking an internal Divine Spark. A Divine Spark is granted to most free-willed races and some paragons of their lineage, and even some objects and locations have been known to possess a spark of inner immortality.

As a rule, any campaign without the Inath Variant Rule system uses this Caste as a default, unless characters and/or NPCs are granted an afterlife following the death sequence of a creature’s life.

  • Qabala Title: Ain Sof (or Ein Soph)
  • No applicable Wraeththu Title
  • Other Titles: Thrall, Serif, Sirf, Sief, Ot, Maul, Bysmal, Slave, Cursed One
  • Abysma Traits:
    • No Divine Spark Energy Path
    • No Affinities
    • No Talents
    • No bonus Feats or Abilities
    • No bonus Skill Points
    • No Experience Required
    • No Divine Rank or Inath Points granted
    • Quests:
      • Quest for the Spark of Eternity [Ability]
    • No Portfolio Items
  • Sample Character:
    • Jetham McCallister (Vasharan Fighter 8 / Rogue 6) as human but with Vile Feat as bonus feat

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