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A New World[edit]

Intended For[edit]

1 (starting) - 20 (ending)

This adventure is intended for four characters. Each character will begin at first level and will have attained approximately 20th level upon the adventures conclusion. Some characters may achieve higher than 20th level though depending on how the adventure is run and the actions of the players.

Any race and class combination can be played in this adventure. However some classes will work better than others. Below is a list of recommended classes to help keep the game fun and at the appropriate power level. However keep in mind that you may choose any class you desire, these are only recommendations. The list is as follows:

Recommended class distribution for the Orion Campaign Setting:
1 Mystic Blade (At 10th level taking the Magic Wielder prestige class)
1 Threat
2 Knights
Recommended class distribution for PhB rule set:
1 Cleric
1 Sorcerer
2 Paladins

Finally I will mention, if not already clear from the recommended classes, that this adventure is intended for good aligned characters. The players may choose another alignment if they wish, however that will increase the preparation time because some of the encounters will not work as well as possibly the hook, so you must adapt the adventure more for the characters.

This is more of a themed campaign than a quest and is meant for long term use.

  • Prep Time 1-2 weeks This amount of preparation time is necessary for two reasons. The first of these being the fact that this adventure guides your characters creation all the way through to advanced levels. This adventure is designed to use the Orion Campaign Setting level advancement rules and therefore attaining 20th level is an incredible achievement. Due to this, the adventure takes a great amount of time to complete and covers most of the world. As the DM you have a great deal of planning and customization to do to make this world truly fun and engaging.
The second reason that there is so much preparation time is that upon completing this adventure the world will be completely changed. This degree of manipulation to the setting requires time to come up with and effectively plan out so things don’t get messed up down the road. The characters will still want to keep playing after this adventure is over and you will need to make sure that they can.
  • Play Time Variable

Quest Introduction[edit]

This adventure is based around the setting of Orion. In which Orion is alone in the pantheon and the other gods are held captive. For more information on this please read over the history of Orion under the Formation of the Worlds header. This adventure is intended not as a short adventure, but a long term campaign for the players in the setting.

Each encounter and smaller adventure detailed herein has a specific purpose and links back to the overall campaign and goal. If you are DMing a game using this adventure it would probably work in your favor to be good with words, as NPC’s will often need to do some convincing with characters. Know how your players act and react. This way, if characters are getting frustrated, or you want them to react a certain way to an NPC or situation you can use your knowledge of them to help you get the desired reaction. Doing so will greatly aid the adventure and make it much easier to play.

If you are attempting to adapt the adventure for a different setting or character alignment or another major change like that it can become very difficult to run the game effectively. To aid DM’s with these situations, and to aid DM’s playing the adventure normally I have added sidebars for each stage and situation of the adventure. These sidebars explain the mood I am going for and how it ties into the overall campaign. Knowing this when customizing or running the adventure makes things easier in getting the appropriate mood across and giving the players the full experience.

At the end of each stage I will also give an experience amount for the stage. This experience is to be handed out in one package to the players upon completing the stage. This experience total is in addition to any experience the players may have gained from killing monsters or the like.


The PC’s begin in a small city on the outskirts of the Empire. The city is ancient however under developed due to its low population and poor wealth. It is run by an Earl commissioned by the king to watch over the city; however the Earl is seemingly long forgotten. The city is mostly isolated from the rest of the world and is only connected through a small group of traders that stop there annually to restock before embarking on their journey north to Ere.


The hook for this adventure plays off of the primary goals of most PC’s. As they are good aligned it plays off of that as well as offering a large sum of gold as motivation.

As the PC’s begin you can give them a day or two to get used to the city and get to know some people, strengthening their understanding of its workings. After this time has passed a sudden incident will occur. The PC’s will hear screams coming from the tower of the Earl and people running from it with looks of horror on their faces. After a quick investigation the PC’s figure out that the Earl has been found dead.

Shortly after finding this out the PC’s receive summons from the Earls wife. The players are lead into the tower and into a small room at one of its spires. They notice that the door, while it is wooden and does not look well protected, locks from the outside. Once the characters enter they notice too that the windows are barred and small, near the ceiling. They are greeted sorrowfully by the now widowed Earls wife. She explains to them that they have come by great renown in the city for their training and abilities. After receiving word of them she knew that they would be perfect candidates to try to investigate the murder of her husband. She offers the characters the city and whatever sum of gold they want in return for finding the killer.


The mood for this hook his meant to allow the players to get comfortable and get lulled into a nice secure environment. They are allowed time to get comfortable and get to know the people. Then suddenly, it is all torn apart. The mood frantically changes into confusion and uproar, causing the players great anxiety and completely changing how they feel.

Reason and side notes[edit]

This is meant as a hook to lock the players into the adventure and start them off down the path that this adventure leads. The crazy nature is meant to make the players hasty and get them very suddenly involved in the adventure. Here too the widow of the Earl is introduced. She was locked in the upper tower by the Earl after he grew impatient with her. He would only enter the tower to use her to his pleasure. One day he forgot to lock the door after and she saw her chance to escape. However upon passing his chambers, a dark thought entered her head. She came into the Earls chambers and killed him, then returning to her own room and having a hireling lock her in to prove her innocence.

She was compelled to kill by a dark cleric Sherack. He was contacted by the god of the void Uthnar after he was able to gain the power to send a single message out from the plane on which he is imprisoned. The message given to the cleric was ‘You must free me from a prison unbreakable. As good is evil and evil is good your path will be revealed. Roseallia holds the key; through her thy will must be done.’ The cleric recognized the name as the nearby Earls wife and interpreted the good is evil and evil is good to mean that he must turn the otherwise good woman into something dark to unlock the key to aiding his new god. Through this he set up the murder.




Stage One (Investigation)[edit]

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