A King is Made (Simiran Supplement)

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A book written shortly after the War of Indepence by the leading scholar Arckment Dook as a commission by the new king, Leopolis I. It was the most popular book in Simiran in its time, and is still valued highly by scholars as a literary achievement.

One of the few surviving copies in the Library of Old


The Knight, was named Leopolis
His humble crest did read
Went searching for adventure
Upon his trusty steed
He wandered all 'round Simiran
Until at last he saw
A dwarf, an elf, a human too
Infected by lockjaw
Frozen round the camping site
All but still and dead
And so said Leopolis
Off with th'offender’s head!
The size of footprints
Set the tracks
Would freeze most mortals still
Yet our dear knight
Trudged towards the hill
Through the dark'ning light
Looking for his kill
Avast, he cried
Here it be!
From fright most would have died
But Leopold 
Was not scared
And thrust his lantern high
Scattered round the ground he saw
Death and bones and tracks
And dripping from the ceiling
Limestone cones like wax
Rawr the giant screamed to fear 
But feared was Leo not
For in his chest did beat a heart
Which every man has sought
He stabbed the beast straight in the chest
He rid the land of hate
And in the moment’s test 
He set his eternal fate

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