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AR2 Pulse Rifle[edit]

A Combine AR2 Rifle
Size Medium
Critical 20
Range Increment 90ft
Type Ballistic, Energy
Purchase DC 25
Restriction Mil +3
Damage 2d10/Special
Rate of Fire S, A
Magazine 30 rounds/1 pulse orb
Weight 20lbs

AR2 Pulse Rifle[edit]

The Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle (OSIPR), often referred to simply as the Pulse Rifle, is a weapon manufactured by the Combine Empire. It is most often used by Overwatch Elites to put down suppressing fire in dire situations, but it can also be used by Overwatch Soldiers in important areas. It launches conventional bullets infused with radioactive Dark Energy. If needed, the AR2 can launch large orbs of concentrated Dark Energy Mass. If these hit any organic substance, it means certain death unless the target is in divine favor. The target is entitled to a reflex save against the opponent's attack roll for 5d12 damage. Sadly, this super attack requires a small battery to fit the dark energy in. One of these special batteries is enough to power one Dark Energy Orb. Due to kickback, the AR2 is inaccurate if fired in long bursts. Sustained fire for 3 subsequent rounds will result in a -4 penalty to attack rolls made with this weapon. Thus firing in short, controlled bursts is recommended for maximum damage.

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