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9mm H1 Pistol[edit]

A 9mm H1 Pistol
Size Small
Critical 20
Range Increment 30ft
Type Ballistic
Purchase DC 16
Restriction Lic +1
Damage 2d6
Rate of Fire S/A
Magazine 17 rounds
Weight 6lbs
Fire Underwater yes

9mm H1 Pistol[edit]

The 9mm H1 Pistol was the most commonly used sidearm in world prior to the Black Mesa incident. On a related note, it was also the most commonly used weapon for the Black Mesa Security guards. It's primary fire is a semi automatic fire that is accurate up to the range increment. In this mode, all normal weapon rules apply.

The secondary fire is a fully automatic bullet hose that empties the 17 round clip much faster. To find the amount of damage done by secondary fire, roll 1d10 and roll damage dice a number of times equal to the number rolled on the d10. Then subtract rounds from the clip equal to your d10 roll. Obviously, if you roll a number larger than your current ammo, you can only fire what is currently in the gun.

Example: I rolled a 5 on the d10, so now I roll the normal attack damage (2d6) 5 times. Then I add this number up and that's the base damage of the secondary fire. I then subtract 5 ammo from the clip.

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