7th great creation of Zaeoth (3.5e Creature)

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Seventh great creation of Zeaoth[edit]

The city of wereriche aka the 7th great creation of Zaeoth CR-41 or more

CR —

Gargantuan Construct
Init/Senses +58/Listen 0, Spot 0
AC 400, touch 300, flat-footed 300
hp 862 ( HD)
Fort/Ref/Will 38/1/0
Speed 8 miles per step
Base Atk/Grp +20/+10
Abilities Str —, Dex —, Con —, Int —, Wis —, Cha

Strategies and Tactics[edit]

Your best hope is to run, but to fight it would mean taking out all eight engines then the commander. Each engine is guarded by three guardians.

Sample Encounters[edit]

None this literally has to be found


Environment: Not sure Typical Physical Characteristics: Besides it being considered a construct it's a giant city on four metal legs and a giant adamatine sheet hovering infront of it. Alignment: Whoever is driving it.


This machine is almost considered a world destroyer. Created by the worlds greatest inventor, Zaeoth, he created it to defend his home but when it was stolen by the Oinodaemon, it was used rage war on the abyss, the infernal, and the heavens. But with the help of Zaeoth the army's of the heavens were able too destroy and separate the Great War machine. They separated most of the machine including the city on which it was sat, where it's wires and machinary sat, the great city of Wereriche. Which sits a haven to monsters and other criminal scum. But at the oinodaemons command his forces will retrieve its missing pieces and reserect Zaeoth's 7th great creation.



Sample Lair[edit]

Wide open feild is best

Typical Treasure[edit]

Anything on the creatures found inside

For Player Characters[edit]

Not possible

Creatures As Characters[edit]

Not possible

Creatures With Class Levels[edit]

Not possible

Advanced Creatures[edit]

Not available

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