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Trinket Box by Judith Alsop Miles, on Flickr

To add a trinket, add its description to the numbered list below. The description should be a single sentence. Per the PHB, trinkets can be "lightly touched by mystery": they can be mundane or have very minor magical effects. If you want to exceed 100 items on the list, just begin a new one.

Table 1[edit]

  1. A miniature, tame mimic
  2. A carved marble elephant
  3. A small round cactus with two eyes
  4. A pocket book of dwarven poetry
  5. A bronze box containing a tiny wooden owl
  6. A solid blue metal sphere, one inch in diameter, with three parallel grooves around the circumference
  7. A pouch containing ten dried peas
  8. A ceramic puzzle cube, with each face divided into four independently rotating squares enamelled with astronomical signs
  9. A square of bear-beetle leather, a creature unique to the misty woods of Cix
  10. A sheet of vellum on which is crudely painted a herbal plant that you have yet to identify
  11. A petrified frog
  12. A twenty-sided die
  13. A cut yellow chrysanthemum that never dies
  14. A palm-sized iron cage: the door doesn't shut properly, as the tiny lock was broken from the inside
  15. A blob of grey goo, slippy but safe to touch, kept in a ceramic pot
  16. A dried sky lily, from the tip of the Godshead, an impossibly high mountain.
  17. A glowing blue-green line, six inches long, but with no discernable radius
  18. A pretty conch shell
  19. A scrap of paper on which is written, in Goblin, "My dearest Bess,"
  20. A keychain holding the head of a broken key
  21. An echo pearl from the depths of the Vibration Lake
  22. A toy crossbow
  23. Lip balm
  24. A fossil of an extinct many-limbed critter
  25. A brass prosthetic nose
  26. A corkscrew
  27. A dried poison gland of a jaggedfish
  28. A bronze gear on which is etched the word "Moon"
  29. A map of a labyrinth, on which is pencilled a line that starts at the centre but fails to connect to the entrance
  30. A cube of ice that never melts
  31. A square of ironsilk sewn by the geargrubs of ancient Siclari
  32. An ivory knitting needle
  33. A peacock feather
  34. A travel set of paints: someone has used up all the black
  35. A wig of short platinum-blonde hair
  36. A child's charm bracelet
  37. A small bar of orichalcum, a metal only mentioned in ancient literature
  38. A deed to a ruined tower
  39. An invitation to a formal ball to be held in two years time
  40. A smoking pipe carved from granite
  41. A vial of scented oil
  42. A preserved basilisk eye
  43. A torn page on which is written "Death! / Plop. / The barges down in the river flop. / Flop, plop. / Above, beneath"
  44. An intricate knot that nobody seems to know how to tie or untie – sailors believe it to be bad luck
  45. Pages ripped out of an accounting journal of a local merchant
  46. A ring with a poison reservoir for slipping into drinks and a tiny razor edge for cutting purse-strings
  47. A glass globe of swirling green goop, no openings
  48. A bundle of ragged "treasure maps" drawn by inventive local children
  49. A sliver from a spear said to have pierced the armpit of a saint
  50. A portfolio of pressed flowers
  51. A small handbook of foreign coins, for travelers to identify denominations
  52. A slightly out of date guidebook to foreign inns, taverns, and transportation
  53. Six useless wooden tokens previously issued by a traitor-prince as currency
  54. Two false fingernails painted with mysterious symbols
  55. A set of cosmetic tools for cleaning the ears
  56. A harmless stage dagger with retracting blade and blood-compartment
  57. A floating glass orb that follows you around and makes whirring sounds
  58. A goblin-made key that can lock any door, but unlock none
  59. A translucent coin, minted in an unknown land
  60. A bronze ring engraved with dark symbols that was supposedly buried with a legendary necromancer long ago
  61. A ring carved with the unfinished insignia to a defunct secret organization
  62. A thimble on which is an enamel painting of a turtle
  63. A puzzle box holding 10 fingernail clippings
  64. A pair of badly worn hairdressing scissors
  65. A wax hand shaped to hold a large cup
  66. A measuring tape, marked in ink at 23 inches
  67. A seashell that is silent when held up to your ear
  68. A coprolite
  69. One piece of unknown paper currency with no obvious denomination
  70. A bootlace entwined with gold thread
  71. A dented sherrif's badge
  72. A tiny bubble level that is calibrated incorrectly
  73. A belt buckle
  74. A letter of complaint to a toy shop owner
  75. A decorative leather stud
  76. A penny whistle that plays the same note no matter which holes are covered
  77. A ticket admitting an adult and child onto a thing called a "semiotic tram"
  78. A small glass vial holding three eyelashes
  79. A tub of putty
  80. A leather shoe made for a dog
  81. A doll head with no hair and poorly applied makeup
  82. A pewter spork
  83. Illustrated instructions on how to make a paper hat
  84. A clear glass dish with four round notches around the outside edge
  85. A wire circlet that bestows upon its wearer perfect posture
  86. A small hand-sized box covered with numbered buttons
  87. An empty whiskey tumbler that causes any liquid poured into it to become bourbon
  88. A book of flumph grammar
  89. A hunk of metal which appears to be several gears jammed together at unnatural and impossible angles: attempting to turn it causes it to emit a horrible shrieking sound
  90. A crystal prism that refracts shadow instead of light
  91. A smokeless and odorless candle
  92. A flat disc of layered metal and prismatic glass with a hole in the centre
  93. An ornate pewter tankard made without a bottom
  94. A wooden device designed to be gripped in two hands; two levers protrude from the top, and two triggers from the underside
  95. Two perfectly identical pine cones
  96. A sponge that can absorb 60 gallons of ale (and only ale)
  97. A pepper grinder containing an unlimited supply of pepper unless opened, at which point it becomes half empty
  98. A poorly cultivated bonsai juniper in a glazed ceramic pot
  99. An oval-shaped soapstone tablet inscribed with a short list of religious prohibitions
  100. A wooden doll with a door that opens to reveal a slightly smaller, identical, doll; this one is empty, perhaps there are still smaller dolls that are missing?

Table 2[edit]

  1. A stone figure of a snake that changes positions after every full moon.
  2. A silver key of unknown origins on a leather chord as a pendant.(Emits a strange magical energy)
  3. The right half of a broken bronze circlet with a light leafy pattern that when placed on your head, stays in place as though the other half was still there.
  4. A small silver rod which when rolled between your hands emits sounds as though a lute were being played by a master softly nearby.
  5. A music box that can only be heard by someone who as wound it at least once.
  6. A small stone cube that, when tapped with a rod of metal, looks as though it were made of that metal for a few seconds.
  7. A wooden sphere with a white marking that always faces the sun, and a black marking that always faces the moon.
  8. An opaque jar that cannot be opened or broken, no matter how hard you try.
  9. A journal that details the great adventures of a hero you have never heard of, complete with vivid descriptions of nonsensical creatures and terms, all written in messy handwriting, but with impressive diction.
  10. A tiny sack that, when opened, is full of sand, but feels as heavy as a large stone when lifted.
  11. A puppet in the likeness of someone you distantly know, that echoes your movements when you (and only you) place it on the ground.
  12. An iron rod that bends in unusual ways when you look directly at it, but rights itself when you look away.
  13. A book that perfectly records the holder's dreams when held while sleeping.
  14. A tin pot that is just the right size for you to wear as a helmet.
  15. A marble sculpture of a tiny elf holding a lute seated on a chair that plays music every so often.
  16. A piece of pure white cloth that never gets dirty.
  17. A hat that never gets wet.
  18. A mask that copies its wearer's facial expressions.
  19. A humanoid skull with ethereal green orbs in its eye sockets.
  20. A wineskin that only holds wine. Any other liquid pours out after a few seconds.
  21. A leather belt that, when worn, glows with faint blue light.
  22. A tiny javelin with an ornately carved shaft that always returns when thrown, exactly halfway between you and the person closest to you.
  23. A sphere of crystal with a tiny shard of obsidian at the exact centre.
  24. A flask that freezes any liquids stored in it at midnight, and unfreezes them at noon.
  25. A book with words that change every time it is read.
  26. A chain that feels warm when its holder is standing directly beside an awakened tree.
  27. A cube with tiny animals wandering on each face that change when they cross onto a different face.
  28. The preserved hand of a famous noble that moves when pointed at the ground.
  29. A terribly written novel whose plot seems to match events that have happened in your life.
  30. A recount of a famous battle that contradicts what is commonly thought about that battle, written by a great sage who was present.
  31. A crown made out of ice that never melts.
  32. A piece of string that always emits smoke.
  33. A rod of indeterminate metal that changes its length at random every other day.
  34. The hilt of a dagger that was used to assassinate a king, with an onyx on the end that glows ominously on nights with a full moon.
  35. A stone carved to look like a head that occasionally speaks, asking questions that change every time.
  36. A stick that glows brightly when held by an undead creature.
  37. A flute that, when played, makes the sound of a random instrument, though never a flute.
  38. An invitation to an event that has already ended.
  39. A copper ring that feels abnormally light.
  40. A turban that, when worn, makes your steps feel very light.
  41. A cube of glass with mysterious runes etched on each corner.
  42. A towel with a set of instructions embroidered on it that clearly state to wear it on the head in case of mind flayer attack.
  43. A rose that, when placed in a bouquet with exactly 5 other flowers, glows brightly, and seems to move.
  44. A set of brass wind chimes that only chime when hung on a rod of precious metal.
  45. A grotesque statuette of a humanoid with rat-like features.
  46. A drawing of a spider with twelve legs being used as a mount by a crudely drawn hobgoblin without a head, with a set of poems on the back written in poor Common.
  47. The badge of a powerful organisation, with writing etched on the back that defames that group.
  48. The diary of a prison guard with half of the pages written in a different language.
  49. A handbook of etiquette for nobles of an empire that fell.
  50. A translation guide for a fictional language.
  51. The head of a pickaxe that was used in a lost gold mine, with names carved in Dwarvish runes along the sides.
  52. A wooden plank that refuses to burn.
  53. A detailed guide on the anatomy of rocs.
  54. A muddy book with a single phrase repeated over and over.
  55. A surprisingly realistic replica of a rakshasa hand.
  56. A stone rod with a tin coating that has worn through in several places.
  57. A compass that points towards the nearest bottle of rum.
  58. A stone that feels very heavy, yet floats effortlessly.
  59. A map with no key or locations, only red circles with lines connecting them.
  60. A shard of glass that floats a tiny distance off of the ground when near an open flame.
  61. A diagram of a forest on an island with no named artist.
  62. An orb that glows with a flash of green light at noon.
  63. A locket with a strange rune carved inside.
  64. A green coat with numerous pockets, each with a separate piece of a moustache trimming kit inside.
  65. A silver plate that feels rough, though it were made from coarse stone, but never feels painful to touch.
  66. A figurine of a fiend, so lifelike it seems like it might come to life and attack any second.
  67. A sapling that cannot be placed into soil, but never dies and has a single sweet fruit on its branches that grows back after one day when picked.
  68. A red coat that makes you feel colder when it is worn.
  69. A vial of tree sap.
  70. A rod of metal that produces tiny sparks from a red marking when a black button on the other end is pressed.
  71. A wooden cane that, when placed on the ground, stands perfectly straight, and cannot be tipped over.
  72. A bottle of red liquid that sparkles ever so slightly under direct moonlight, with a faded blue label that cannot be read.
  73. A sack of shed dragon claws.
  74. A feather with a piece of red string tied on the end of the shaft.
  75. An engagement ring that belonged to one of your parents.
  76. A book that you faintly remember from your childhood that you thought was lost for many years.
  77. An odd stone that seems to permeate energy.
  78. A sword sized for a child.
  79. A vial of water from a hot spring.
  80. A squat metal tin full of brown powder that always feels cold to the touch, regardless of the temperature.
  81. A glove worn by someone you deeply admire.
  82. A shard of crystal that glows when near places dedicated to a certain deity, and glows brighter the closer you are.
  83. A tome from an abandoned library.
  84. A gear that refuses to mesh with any other.
  85. A box of nuts that feel like they are made from metal, but can be eaten as though they were normal.
  86. A tree branch with an odd symbol.
  87. A yew wood figurine of a satyr with wings, carrying a willow wood staff.
  88. A suit of armour made from oak wood, sized for a doll, painted in vivid red and black.
  89. A stone with odd indentations, that seem to spell out a message of some kind.
  90. A vial of mysterious pale blue liquid that slithers back in when poured out, and has a pleasant floral scent.
  91. A jug that turns liquids stored in it into milk after a few minutes.
  92. A seed that never grows when planted, but looks very similar to an acorn with a few green lumps.
  93. A waxy white flower that constantly moves as though a gust of wind were blowing it around.
  94. A robe with a tag on the inside that reads "to my dearest pupil," given to you by someone you deeply respect.
  95. A tome filled with cryptic writings, all in Common, but with confusing terminology.
  96. A beige jar of red ointment without a label.
  97. A famous calligrapher's personal brush.
  98. A band of iron that shines brilliantly despite being completely rusted.
  99. A small cylinder of stone that smells faintly of blood.
  100. A tunic that smells of saltwater.

Table 3[edit]

  1. A curious looking pair of goggles with the words "Property of Ice! DON'T TOUCH!" scrawled into the side.
  2. A small blue cube that faintly glows for some unknown reason.
  3. A small orb with water and a small living jellyfish inside.
  4. A cat figurine.
  5. A hat that has a secret space on the inside which is the size of a small pouch and very hard to locate.
  6. A bar of scented soap that bubbles.
  7. A book of lore, that is hollow inside.
  8. A belt buckle stolen from a noble or a king.
  9. A slip of parchment with the phrase "I am not dead" written on it.
  10. A small fist-sized cube that occasionally makes strange noises.
  11. An unusually sharp spoon.
  12. The symbol of a powerful religion, covered in soot that stays no matter how much it is cleaned.
  13. The diary of a philanderer that contains detailed descriptions of common monsters.
  14. A gigantic snake's tooth that has an unsettling aura about it.
  15. An unusually small humanoid skull.
  16. A bit of rock from a headstone.
  17. A tiny bag of yellowish powder.
  18. A small indestructible talking skull that tends to mumble racist slurs whenever it sees an elf.
  19. A box of black licorice.
  20. A strangely shaped bone.
  21. An iron ring that, when worn, makes the wearer feel calm.
  22. A group of small glassy spheres, all attached to each other in such a way that they form a rough pyramidal shape.
  23. An empty bottle that once held the blood of a demon.
  24. A tiny glass vial that contains a portion of the ashes of a statue of a god that was destroyed by marauders.
  25. A detailed guide to making pickled foods.
  26. A mask in the shape of a lion's head that moves from side to side occasionally when worn, yet the wearer experiences no change.
  27. An axehead that appears to have been snapped off.
  28. A palm-sized greenish stone with the carved image of a dragon on one side, and a humanoid on the other.
  29. The head of a mummy.
  30. A flask of giant's blood.
  31. A miniature shield.
  32. A sea shell with a strange rune carved into it.
  33. A corn husk doll which dances under its own power when music is played nearby.
  34. An arm band in the shape of a snake, with emeralds for eyes.
  35. A tiny, fossilized ammonite made into a necklace.
  36. An old coin, showing a hare on one side and the moon on the reverse.
  37. The banner of a noble house.
  38. A bird carved out of lapis lazuli.
  39. A small pouch filled with the teeth of various shark species.
  40. A tiny painting showing a vulture carrying a bone in its beak.
  41. A fist-sized stone that glows slightly and feels incredibly hot to the touch.
  42. An ingot of copper with an unusual hue.
  43. A small notebook full of drawings.
  44. A fist sized turtle shell.
  45. A drawing of a flower that looks different when viewed from an angle.
  46. A perfectly flat wheel made from terracotta.
  47. The journal of a philosopher, full of wise sayings and anecdotes.
  48. A malevolent-looking raven skull that has been charred black.
  49. A small glass case containing several glossy butterfly wings.
  50. A preserved frog that moves and croaks like a living frog, but to even an untrained eye is undeniably deceased.
  51. A mahogany box of religious scrolls.
  52. A guide to changing bowstrings full of grammatical errors.
  53. A ceramic troll statuette with no arms, just legs.
  54. A glass bottle that shines like gold.
  55. An iron door-handle that makes menacing noises when underground.
  56. A sliver ring that feels very slippery.
  57. An ornately carved figurine of a giant made from bone.
  58. A rusted fork.
  59. A shoe made from crystal.
  60. A piece of tree bark that is coated in blood.
  61. A small oak wood box of vibrantly-coloured powders, each colour in its own tiny drawer.
  62. A silver hand mirror with a dragon etched onto the back.
  63. A tine of a deer's antler.
  64. A miniature teapot and teacup.
  65. A bejewelled statuette of a knight that is a replica of a famous sculpture.
  66. A box of small orange cylinders that break and burn easily.
  67. A stone carving of a piece of bacon.
  68. A horn that has been cut cleanly in half.
  69. A thin tube of iron filings with the seal of a noble house on both ends.
  70. A small clay pig toy.
  71. A small metal can that contains black colored pudding. If touched, the pudding leaves a slight stinging sensation to the hand.
  72. A necklace strung with tiny snail shells.
  73. Half of a coin with unusual markings engraved on both sides that cut off where the other half would connect.
  74. A sack full of pieces of half-eaten bread.
  75. A small bottle labeled "otyugh perfume" that really stinks.
  76. An odd lump of metal that smells like sweat and rotten fish.
  77. A fist-sized green seed covered in brown spines.
  78. A fist-sized metal frog or toad (your choice).
  79. A glass figurine in the shape of a lobster.
  80. A wooden spoon, carved from a bigger spoon.
  81. A jeweled goblet that will never, ever spill its contents.
  82. An amulet that, when worn, makes you look older when you are injured.
  83. A bowl covered in ornate designs depicting hill giants in combat with dwarves.
  84. A copper badge that you have never seen before in your life, though it has your name on it.
  85. The preserved finger of a giant that you once knew.
  86. A set of ceramic castles that have a space for a candle in the middle. When the candle is lit the castle looks like it has lights on in the windows.
  87. A perfectly reflective ball with a magnetic stick which allows it to be used to look around corners.
  88. A laurel of flowers which never wilt or die.
  89. A purple amulet in the shape of a pig's head.
  90. A magically shrunken goblin in a tiny cage.
  91. A copper lighter that never runs out of fluid
  92. A fist-sized sphere; half of which is blue while the other half is red.
  93. A pair of gloves that seem unusually warm to the touch.
  94. A severed ape arm covered in black fur.
  95. A vine covered in thorns that writhes around occasionally.
  96. A petrified goat skull.
  97. A brown mushroom of extraordinary size.
  98. A drawing of a bird that you have never seen before.
  99. A tiny piece of metal that floats on water.
  100. A tiny stone orb that hangs in the air for a bit when you throw it.

Table 4[edit]

  1. An iron cuirass far too large to be worn by a humanoid.
  2. An extremely large leaf that causes food that it touches to become very bitter.
  3. A single leather boot with unknown markings on the bottom.
  4. A leather pouch that contains a single wooden token depicting a crab.
  5. A belt with a buckle made from an unusually twisted piece of copper.
  6. An eyeball carved from stone that occasionally moves around, as though looking for something.
  7. A piece of rope that is always too short to be useful.
  8. A d8 die that looks to have been split in half by a large axe.
  9. A carved wooden statuette of a hawk.
  10. A tiny box that contains a model chair.
  11. An eerily lifelike wooden bear figurine that is never found where you left it.
  12. A small section of a snakeskin belt that seems to slither when it touches the ground.
  13. A tiny carved skull with jewels in its eyes. You have a feeling like someone is watching you whenever you hold it.
  14. A bottle of rum that never runs out.
  15. A cloak that always flaps gently, as if pushed by a slight breeze.
  16. A split piece of unknown wood, decorated to look as if it once was a piece of a druidic focus.
  17. A small mirror in which your reflection remains, crying hideously whenever you look at it.
  18. A small rodent's heart. Still beating.
  19. A tiny, tame earth elemental that is afraid of beetles.
  20. A book that gives you a headache whenever you try to read it. You are still unsure of what knowledge or story it holds.
  21. A tankard that is always full of a wretched black fluid. If tipped, the fluid runs endlessly.
  22. An obsidian dagger that reflects shadow as a monochrome rainbow.
  23. An undead fly tied to an invincible foot long piece of thread.
  24. A small gem that changes color and detail to any object it touches.
  25. A miniature platinum lightning bolt that vibrates and zooms around when a storm is coming.
  26. A deck of cards with unknown runes on each card.
  27. A creepy idol of a black dragon with red jewels as eyes, whenever someone looks at the idol eyes their eyes flash red.
  28. A miniature shield painted with gold designs, when you clutch it you feel slightly more confident.
  29. A lava stone carved to look like a flame, it gives off endless heat.
  30. A set of golden letters that move around when nothing sees them, creating random words.
  31. A vial of red liquid that moves up or down depending on the current danger.
  32. Extremely hard to see moon stone fragments that make small laughing noises when you can't find them.
  33. A piece of taffy that always reappears when you eat it.
  34. A large pitcher of liquid that seems to always change flavor.
  35. A small marble that randomly changes color.
  36. A small crystal that shakes very violently when wet.
  37. Some random objects such as bones or stones that always come back together when destroyed
  38. A clear piece of fabric that hovers unless you pull it down.
  39. A marble that changes size when you aren't looking. Sometimes something that is touching it changes size slightly too, but changes back in 10 seconds.
  40. A page with unknown runes depicting and ancient spell but unreadable no matter what.
  41. A glass eye that spins to look at things other people are looking at.
  42. A vial shaped like a cylinder. Any liquid put inside gets tainted blue and gains a slight taste like blue raspberry.
  43. An expired potion of growth, now only makes you get slightly bigger when you take a sip, tastes like powdered iron for some apparent reason.
  44. An expired potion of darkvision, now just makes everything bright when you take a sip, tastes like dry carrots for some apparent reason.
  45. Some frog legs made of ivory that bounce around randomly.
  46. A bar of titanium that feels squishy and soft to touch.
  47. A book with a harmonious story, however whenever you turn the last page it takes you back to the middle of the story so you don't know how it ends.
  48. A clockwork device that's button won't press no matter what you do.
  49. A lens that reverses the color of things seen through it, black becomes white, cyan becomes orange, red becomes blue, and so on.
  50. The blade of a huge axe that feels insanely heavy to any size below huge, but huge think it is as light as a feather.
  51. A small worm statue that shrinks anything that touches it to diminutive size it for 1d4 minutes. Their equipment shrinks too and loses its damage and AC until the effect is over
  52. A green tonic labeled "growth". If anything drinks it they grow an inch each second for 1d4 minutes, then shrink 1 foot each second until their back to normal size. Their equipment changes size too but doesn't increase damage.
  53. A bloody hand that grips onto things and doesn't let go.
  54. Some vials of liquid that create moss on anything they touch. This moss keeps growing and will eventually cover the whole thing. Then the moss withers and flakes off.
  55. A packet of mints that cause the eater to change color for 1d6 hours.
  56. A set of thieves tools that are bent and broken yet they still work perfectly.
  57. A miniature brain made of coral.
  58. The branch of a tree that caught fire when you were nearby.
  59. A picture that has a field in it, as time goes, the picture changes and adds things like people and houses to itself.
  60. The eye of a cat, for some reason it commonly looks around at anything powerful.
  61. An acorn that makes ringing noises and shakes violently when touched.
  62. A hammer from a long gone blacksmith. Sometimes at night you can see the hammer float and pound any weapons nearby.
  63. A glass sphere containing ooze, still alive; it sometimes causes green acidic liquid to gush out of the sphere.
  64. A crystal dagger, it is engraved with the symbol of a flaming skull with a rune covered ring around it.
  65. A wizard's journal, recounting the tales of many arcane experiments.
  66. A red gemstone shaped like a heart.
  67. A purple gemstone shaped like a cage.
  68. A piece of coal vaguely shaped like a head.
  69. A pouch full of a fine black substance of unknown origin.
  70. A gem that can summon a dim orb of light that does nothing but follow the summoner for a while.
  71. A ceramic tile with a silvery sheen.
  72. An incredibly heavy bone with countless words inscribed into it.
  73. A small jar that has a lid attached to it. When the lid is closed, it turns its contents into fresh milk.
  74. An incomplete book that adds to itself constantly.

Houserule Trinket Boxes[edit]

This is a compiled list of the D&D Wiki Magazine trinket lists.

Homebrew (Issue 0): Fire[edit]

  1. A red feather that shines softly in the dark
  2. A ball that engulfs itself in harmless blue fire when thrown
  3. A gold-plated badge emblazoned with a symbol of fire
  4. A bowl filled with dim continual flames that change color when different powdered materials are added
  5. A humanoid poppet, made from twisted roots, with singed limbs
  6. A flute that, when played, forms illusory lines of fire which dance to the music around the player
  7. An ash wood walking stick
  8. A pouch of dust that when sprinkled onto a fire cause firework-like sparks and crackles
  9. A map of the sun
  10. A pair of boots that leave scorched footprints
  11. A bottle filled with morning light ember
  12. A pyrography quill that leaves flaming script on the parchment
  13. An old brass lamp in which an efreet once resided; his name is inscribed on the rim in Ignan script
  14. A chalice that makes the drinker’s blood glow with an inner fire for a few minutes afterward
  15. An ever-smoldering lump of coal
  16. A thin iron pinky ring, melted and charred but still wearable
  17. An ever-lit smoking pipe
  18. Pocket hand-bellows that were probably meant as a child's toy but are useful for starting fires none-the-less.
  19. A pocketbook of flame identification called 'Tongues and Their Reading' used to tell magical flames from natural ones and much more.
  20. A candlestick with a jeweler's mark stamped into the base.

Issue 1: Magic[edit]

  1. A ring that grows warm when near common magical items
  2. A dagger that was once owned by a man struck by a lightning bolt spell; it still flickers with (harmless) electricity.
  3. A simple crown of woven rowan that glows faintly with unearthly light.
  4. A wand that, when waved over a bowl, makes the food therein taste spicy.
  5. A spoon that, when used to stir a drink, makes the beverage piping hot.
  6. A shallow bowl that makes all spellcasters who eat or drink from it feel faintly nauseous.
  7. A rock that may be absorbed into any point on the body and produced from another point at will.
  8. A small compass that never points north, and sometimes points at strangers.
  9. A strange purple dust that can be sprinkled on tiny objects, causing them to hover 5 feet off the ground for 1 minute.
  10. A bobbin of thick string with which it is impossible to tie knots
  11. A blue sash cut from perfectly hydrophobic cloth.
  12. A small, hollow metallic orb that vibrates when tapped. While vibrating it prevents anyone in close proximity from sleeping. It stops vibrating when tapped again.
  13. A sheet of papyrus that captures a person’s portrait when a command word is spoken (reusable if the command word is known).
  14. A hand crank music box which plays a melody that causes listeners to think they are dreaming.
  15. A chain of alternating silver and bronze links. The silver links are ethereal, while the bronze links are not, but they can still interact with the other links.
  16. A box and lid crafted from a strange, white, pliable material. Foodstuffs sealed within remain fresh for two weeks.
  17. An acacia wood spinning top which never topples. When spun on flat wood, it carves elegant abstract engravings.
  18. An invitation to a magician’s circle on a date that doesn’t quite make sense.
  19. A stuffed jackdaw that occasionally blinks or cocks its head.
  20. A titanium sewing needle that can only unweave thread.

Issue 2: Magic Weapons[edit]

  1. An empty scabbard with an intricate design etched into the leather. With enough study, it may be interpreted as a map that purports to leads to the location of the matching sword.
  2. A 1-inch high pewter elf soldier, armed with a shield and longsword; the base reads “4 of 7”.
  3. A bill of sale for two dozen magic morningstars, sold by Alvin Cogsbottom and purchased by Farbgarble (bugbear warlord).
  4. A pencil-on-paper schematic of a crossbow-like contraption of tubes, triggers and optics.
  5. A blue blade shard that hums. If a person holds the piece for long enough they will start hearing voices that urge him to kill and claim souls for it.
  6. A pair of tailor’s shears that can cut through any kind of leather.
  7. A curious talking ebony walking stick, well versed in history and swordplay.
  8. An old, worn smith's hammer. Its head is always hot to the touch.
  9. A vial of oil labelled “Tomonari’s anointmente forr long swordes and other weppons of the disttinguished nobelemann.”
  10. A woodcutter’s axe, the head of which shimmers like downwards-flowing water.
  11. A quarterstaff with a small jade sphere affixed to one end. When swung, the jade leaves a faint trail of color.
  12. A perpetually wet whetstone.
  13. A smooth river stone with shards of bone stuck into it. If you look hard enough you can see that the bones are not of a humanoid but of a giant.
  14. A strange rock hammer with a steelmark of Abyssal runes. The runes read “HAIL TO THE KING OF THE ROCK”
  15. A rag intended to be wrapped around the scabbard of a sword. It magically whisks away blood and other liquids from a sword as it is sheathed.
  16. An impossibly sharp pen that will always be in the owner’s pocket when they reach into it.
  17. A model bronze weapon rack with six detachable polearms. Each is three inches long and decorated with a red horse-hair tassel.
  18. A feathered arrow embedded in a frozen potato.
  19. A halfling skull with a significant parietal slashing wound that also corroded the bone.
  20. A pocket instruction manual depicting bizarre fighting stances of leaping, spinning and holding weapons by the wrong end.

Issue 3: Castles & Heraldry[edit]

  1. A small stone cube with the coat of arms of a different family on each side.
  2. A large, tattered flag with silver, green, and black stripes.
  3. A mithral key about six inches long.
  4. A spyglass, dented and bent in half. However, because the inside is so reflective it can still be used.
  5. A crown made of polished and carved ash with gold inlays.
  6. A wooden cup, divided in half lengthwise with a sheet of aluminum.
  7. A grappling hook with silken cord attached to the end. One of the three hooks is broken, and another is bent almost in line with the body of the hook.
  8. A small model of a castle that matches a real one exactly and changes to match new alterations.
  9. A dagger's hilt. The pommel is carved in the form of a lion.
  10. A crown of tarnished silver. Spikes are woven throughout it.
  11. A long arrow, with the tip hollow as if it once contained a message.
  12. A tattered painting of a royal family. The faces are scratched out.
  13. A small crystal goblet which makes an unusual ringing sound when tapped.
  14. The blade of an ancient sword. A mysterious coat of arms is carved into it.
  15. A small stone block from a long-forgotten castle. For some reason, gripping it puts you in a foul mood.
  16. Ripped and torn mail links. They seem to glow with a royal brilliance, but do not emit any actual light.
  17. Half of a snapped oak flag-pole. "We will fight to the last" is written in dried blood on one side.
  18. A torn, warped copy of "Evard's Poetry- 100 Poems for the Aspiring Prince".
  19. Half of a signet ring. It looks like it was once the stamp for an ancient royal seal.
  20. A much-loved child's doll embroidered with gold thread. It's been through a lot.

This is not the place to add custom trinkets, this is the Trinket list from D&D issue "Castles & Heraldry" please feel free to add your own trinkets to the list with the "table #" heading that has not been filled to 100 trinkets.

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