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<onlyinclude>{| |style="width:50%"| {{4e Future Creature Top |name= |level= |role= <!-Artillery, Skirmisher, Brute, Soldier or Controller-> |role2= <!-Leave blank for standard monsters, otherwise Minion, Elite or Solo-> |size= |origin= <!- Terrestrial, Extraterrestrial, Extradimensional-> |type= <!- Animate, Beast, Humanoid -> |keywords= <!- Robot, Insect, Reptile, Plant, or leave blank -> |xp= |initiative= |perception= |senses= <!-e.g. Low-light Vision-> |hp= |bloodied= <!- Half hp value, or "Minion" -> |ac= |fortitude= |reflex= |will= |immune= |resist= |vulnerable= |savingthrows=<!-Elite monsters have +2. Solo monsters have +5. Remove this line for other creatures-> |speed= }} <!-Remove any of the following Action headers and Powers as required (and remove this line)-> {{4e action header|Traits}} {{4e Creature Power Essentials |name=Aura Name <!--or Regeneration, etc--> |usage=Aura 1 |trait=Effects of the trait }} {{4e action header|Standard Actions}} {{4e Creature Power Essentials |name=Basic Melee |usage=At-Will |type={{BM}} |attack=<!-- Example: Close blast 3 (creatures in blast); +12 vs. Fortitude--> |hit= |miss= |effect= }} {{4e Creature Power Essentials |name=Other Attack |usage=At-Will, Encounter, or Recharge {{4}}{{5}}{{6}}--> |keyword=<!--Cold, Fire, etc--> |type=<!--{{BM}}, {{BR}} {{C}} {{M}} {{R}} or {{A}}--> |attack=<!-- Example: Close blast 3 (creatures in blast); +12 vs. Fortitude--> |hit= |miss= |effect= }} {{4e action header|Move Actions}} {{4e action header|Minor Actions}} {{4e action header|Triggered Actions}} {{4e Future Creature Bottom |strength= |strbonus=<!-- Remember to include half-level bonus for these modifiers--> |dexterity= |dexbonus= |wisdom= |wisbonus= |constitution= |conbonus= |intelligence= |intbonus= |charisma= |chabonus= |equipment= }} | {| class="4e" style="margin: 1em auto 1em auto;" !link to image |- |title and attribution |} ''Introductory quote or description.'' <!-General descriptive text about your creature.-> |} <div style="clear: both;"> ---- {{4e Future Creatures Breadcrumb}} [[Category:<!-Keyword-> Keyword]] </div></onlyinclude>

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