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<onlyinclude>{{x0 |prerequisite(s)= |description=<!-Insert a short (25 words or so) advertising description of your class here. This will not be displayed on this page.-> }} == <!-Name-> == <!-Single sentence description.-> '''Prerequisite:''' <!-Prerequisites.-> <!-fluff-> === Immortality === <!-Information.-> '''<!-Possible end->:''' <!-Description.-> === <!-Name-> Features === All <!-name-> have the following features. :'''<!-21st level Feature-> (21st Level):''' <!-Rules info.-> :'''<!-24th level Feature-> (24th Level):''' <!-Rules info.-> :'''<!-30th level feature-> (30th Level):''' <!-Rules info.-> === <!-Name-> Power === {{4e Power |name= |type=Utility |usage= |owner=Epic Destiny |class= |level=26 |flavor= |keyword1= |keyword2= |keyword3= |keyword4= |keyword5= |actiontype= |range= |rangemod= |prerequisite= |requirement= |target= |attack= |attackextra= |defense= |hit= |miss= |weapon1= |secondarytarget= |secondaryattack= |secondarydefense= |secondaryhit= |secondarymiss= |weapon2= |tertiarytarget= |tertiaryattack= |tertiarydefense= |tertiaryhit= |tertiarymiss= |weapon3= |effect= |weapon4= |sustainaction= |sustain= |extra= |buildoption= |buildinfo= |special= }} ---- {{4e Epic Destinies Breadcrumb}} [[Category:4e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Epic Destiny]] [[Category:<!-Role->]]</onlyinclude>

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