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<onlyinclude>==<!--Artifact Name-->== <!--Information about your artifact--> {{4e Artifact Part 1 |name= |tier= |description= |slot= |property1= |property2= |property3= |property4= |property5= |power1= |recharge1= |keywords1= |action1= |description1= |power2= |recharge2= |keywords2= |action2= |description2= |power3= |recharge3= |keywords3= |action3= |description3= |power4= |recharge4= |keywords4= |action4= |description4= |power5= |recharge5= |keywords5= |action5= |description5= |special1= |special2= |special3= |special4= |special5= }} ===Goals of the <!--Artifact name-->=== * <!--Goal 1--> * <!--Goal 2--> * <!--Goal 3--> * <!--Goal 4--> <!--Repeat as necessary--> ===Roleplaying the <!--Artifact name--> <!--Roleplaying information--> ===Concordance=== <!--Additional information about the item's concordance--> {| class="d20" style="color: #fdf9d3; background-color: #80142E; width="75%" |+ CONCORDANCE ! width="70%" | Starting Score ! width="5%" | 5 |- class="{{Odd-Even}}" | Owner gains a level || +1d10 |- class="{{Odd-Even}}" <!-- | <!--achievement--> || <!--bonus/penalty--> |- class="{{Odd-Even}}" --> <!--repeat as necessary--> |} ====Pleased (16-20)==== ''"<!--Quote-->"''<br> <!--information--> {{4e Artifact Part 2 |property1= |property2= |property3= |property4= |property5= |power1= |recharge1= |keywords1= |action1= |description1= |power2= |recharge2= |keywords2= |action2= |description2= |power3= |recharge3= |keywords3= |action3= |description3= |power4= |recharge4= |keywords4= |action4= |description4= |power5= |recharge5= |keywords5= |action5= |description5= |special1= |special2= |special3= |special4= |special5= }} ====Satisfied (12-15)==== ''"<!--Quote-->"''<br> <!--information--> {{4e Artifact Part 2 |property1= |property2= |property3= |property4= |property5= |power1= |recharge1= |keywords1= |action1= |description1= |power2= |recharge2= |keywords2= |action2= |description2= |power3= |recharge3= |keywords3= |action3= |description3= |power4= |recharge4= |keywords4= |action4= |description4= |power5= |recharge5= |keywords5= |action5= |description5= |special1= |special2= |special3= |special4= |special5= }} ====Normal (5-11)==== ''"<!--Quote-->"''<br> <!--information--> ====Unsatisfied (5-11)==== ''"<!--Quote-->"''<br> <!--information--> {{4e Artifact Part 2 |property1= |property2= |property3= |property4= |property5= |power1= |recharge1= |keywords1= |action1= |description1= |power2= |recharge2= |keywords2= |action2= |description2= |power3= |recharge3= |keywords3= |action3= |description3= |power4= |recharge4= |keywords4= |action4= |description4= |power5= |recharge5= |keywords5= |action5= |description5= |special1= |special2= |special3= |special4= |special5= }} ====Angered (0 or lower)==== ''"<!--Quote-->"''<br> <!--information--> {{4e Artifact Part 2 |property1= |property2= |property3= |property4= |property5= |power1= |recharge1= |keywords1= |action1= |description1= |power2= |recharge2= |keywords2= |action2= |description2= |power3= |recharge3= |keywords3= |action3= |description3= |power4= |recharge4= |keywords4= |action4= |description4= |power5= |recharge5= |keywords5= |action5= |description5= |special1= |special2= |special3= |special4= |special5= }} ---- {{4e Equipments Breadcrumb}} → [[4e Artifacts| Artifacts]] [[Category:4e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Equipment]] [[Category:Artifact]] [[Category:<!---Tier--> Tier]] <!--Heroic, Paragon or Epic--></onlyinclude>

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