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Adapt Body
Psychometabolism (Str)
Level: Psion 5/Psychic Warrior 5
Display: Vi
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 hour/level (D)
Power Points: 9

The manifester can adapt his or her body to hostile environments. The manifester chooses the environment at the time he or she manifests the power. The manifester can adapt to underwater, extremely hot, extremely cold, and even airless environments, allowing him or her to survive like a creature native to that environment, if any. The manifester can breathe and move, and takes no damage simply from being in that environment. The manifester can somewhat adapt to extreme environments such as acid, lava, fire, electricity, and other volatile areas. Any environment that normally directly deals 1 or more dice of damage per round is too extreme for this power (although it subtracts the first die of damage from the total dealt per round).

An attack form does not constitute an environment.

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