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Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Battle Hymn You can inspire your allies to true acts of heroism.

Dance of the Gentle Palm 3e Prerequisite Feat::Gentle Palm Style (3.5e Feat) In unarmed combat you are like a dancer, elegant and untouchable

Dazzling Blow You strike a blow so hard that it rattles your foes brain dazzling them momentarily

Extra Ki Point You gain an additional Ki Point.

Gentle Palm Style Your unarmed strikes are but a gentle touch.

Iron Fist Style The Iron Fist Style is a unarmed combat style which employs powerful blows to injure and break an opponents body.

Ki Adept You have trained and meditated trying to learn the ways of Ki Manipulation

Master of Ki Manipulation Your Mastery of Ki Manipulation has unlocked new hardly heard of abilities.

Mind Numbing Touch You can weaken an opponent mentally with your unarmed strikes.

Palms of the Healer You Manipulate Ki Energies to heal instead of harm.

Punishing Blows You have discovered how to deliver Unarmed Strikes that truly weaken your opponent

Stunning Fist, Variant By channeling Ki Energy your unarmed strikes have the ability to stun your foes.

Foreign Technique Study Allows a technician to learn techniques of another technician class.

Improved Foreign Technique Study Familiarizes the technician in foreign styles of techniques reducing penalties for using foreign techniques.

Improved Technique Forming

Sacrifice For Power

Sanguine Punishment You can manipulate your blood to be used as a stealthy weapon.
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