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Name Race Levels Description
Bart Farkus human wizard (necromancer) 5 Human Necromancer
Bergthor Strongbeard dwarf barbarian 3/fighter 2 A dwarven mercenary with a short fuse.
Blood Maiden Warrior (3.5e Creature)
Chasm Guard Ninja human scout 3CAd/ninja 2CAd PLEASE EDIT AND ADD A DESCRIPTION
Ezekial Hogarth human paladin 5 A human paladin of Zebulon
Kevin the Redundant Werewolf Gnoll Barbarian 1 "Ummm, did he change yet?"
Lightning Tongue Half-Dragon (3) Kobold Barbarian 2 A kobold barbarian
Lord Rainhall human aristocrat 6 The lord of Blueblood
Mahrohk Lizardfolk Druid 4 An adventurous young Lizardfolk Druid, exploring the world until the previous Druid in his clan dies
Nobility in Western Pansaer Various Various The noble men and women who make up the upper class in the western kingdoms.
Ollo Beron human cleric 5 Human cleric of Pelor.
Universal Elemental (3.5e Creature)
Vile Beard half-fiend kobold sorcerer 4 A kobold sorcerer
Yōgo-sha Human Sandbender Devoted defender of the desert temple of Karura
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