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<onlyinclude>{{3.5e Incantation |name=<!-- name of incantation --> |school=<!-- spell school and (if applicable) sub-school --> |effectivelevel= <!-- effective level --> |skillcheck= <!--skill check --> |failure= <!-- failure --> |components= <!-- components --> |castingtime= <!-- casting time --> |range= <!-- range --> |target= <!-- target (t), targets (ts), effect (e), area (a), or any combination thereof (e.g. "ea") --> |duration= <!-- duration --> |savingthrow= <!-- what kind of saving throw this spell allows --> |spellresistance= <!-- does the spell allow spell resistance? --> }} [[Summary::<!-- 30 word or less brief description of your incantation (appears on "3.5e Incantations" and here) -->]] <!-- rest of the detailed description of your incantation. --> ''Material Component:'' <!-- delete if inapplicable --> ''Focus:'' <!-- delete if inapplicable --> ''XP Cost:'' <!-- delete if inapplicable --> ---- {{3.5e Incantations Breadcrumb}} [[Category:DnD]] [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Incantation]] [[Category:<!-- spell school --> School]] <!-- other categories may include (but are not limited to): [[Category:<!-- spell sub-school --> Subschool]] [[Category:<!-- descriptor --> Effect]] --></onlyinclude>

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