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0 Point Energy Field Manipulator[edit]

The Gravity Gun (You can call it the 0 Point Energy Field Manipulator if you really want to).
Size Med
Critical 20
Range Increment 150ft
Purchase DC 190
Restriction Mil (+3)
Damage See text
Rate of Fire S
Weight 75 lbs

0 Point Energy Field Manipulator[edit]

The 0 Point Energy Field Manipulator, also known as a Gravity Gun, is a gravity manipulator that can pull objects in, or push them away. Although it has a high range, it can only pull in an item at a speed of 25 ft per round. If an object that is being pulled in from, say, a rooftop that is higher than 25 ft, the item cannot be pulled up. Once an item is in the Gravity Gun's field, it can be hurled away at high force. Damage is as follows: Tiny 1d4, Small 1d6, Medium 1d8, and large, 1d10. Organic beings hit by an object thrown in this way, take triple damage. This damage can be increased or decreased as needed. Say the PC picks up a saw blade and hurls it at a zombie. This will produce much more damage than stated here. An object can be pushed 20ft away from it's original place, but doing this deals 1d4 damage to the object. The Gravity Gun can be used to catch and throw grenades.

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