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This is an alternative version of Marvel-DC superhero universe.


Modern Background[edit]

In 1921 the Egyptologist and Genetic Researcher Abah Nur uncovered remains of an Pre Human civilisation and several Paranormal activities haunting these tombs. The US government hired Abah Nur and institutioned the Apocalypse Project. A project to rediscover the origin of mankind and of this civilization. The Apocalypse Program discovered that a dangerous force was created was created prehistory.

Prehistoric Background[edit]

From the Apocalypse Files:

10.000 years ago the superpowered race where exterminated against all odds by a smarter humanity. However the human gene-pool inherited the genes from the old one. Pendling between infertility and becoming recessive these genes have been asleep for all of our existence.

The X Gene[edit]

Named X after the common mathematic variable for unknown factor. Later it was bathised Xeno.

This gene is as all genes an sequence of a molecular chain( DNA). But contain an extra dimensional elemental atom that has no protons, electrons or neutrons. This allows it to increase DNA-coded information value. Instead of electrons it has an energy field that causes changes in the entire molecular structure and it seems to lack a fixed mass. Xeno Gene share an connection with all genetic structures on Earth. It has the following abilites.

  • Accelerates Mutations
  • Accelerates Survival of The Fittest
  • Genetically Engineer itself


Overview on Earths Races

The population boom of the 20th century damaged the human genepool and the super genes have mutated to become compatible with the human form.

The Olympian Gods[edit]

A group of ancient superheroes that evolved to gods. In fact several non-godly superheroes are their chosen incarnations.


The amazones are a race of female warriors with godly powers. They where antique superheroes, their powers came from the Greek gods Gods or they where gods, points of perspectives. And all godessesses where actually Amazones.



The Thanagarians are a people of Hawkmen from ancient Egypt.

Thanagar is the Kingdom of the original Hawkman that moves through time and space to the Thanagar planet.

The Coluans[edit]

The Coluans where a formless psionic entities that rebelled against their Computer Thyrant. One Culuan arrived to Earth in similar manner to Kryptonians took the human form. Brainiac then returned to Colu and with a clone of its human form, Brainiac 2. The Colu race adopted human DNA and overthrew the computer thyrant. The new Colu Race gained Metahuman traits from the human DNA. All the Coluans gained superhuman intelligence. Brainiac 2 founded the Dox family that mutated and gained even greater intelligence. The Dox House, become the leaders of the Planet selected from their high intelligence. Some Coluans took robotic forms instead and started to oppose with the organics.


They are and their race are named after Kryptonite. A material that comes from their lost home planet and is the source of their power and potentially deadly for them. In actuality the kryptonians where created by Zeus and his dead father, Saturn. The kryptonians are the modern representatives of Zues. The same dietylike forces that power Wonderwoman.

Kryptonians are very humanlike because their bodies are grown from eggs of blue kryptonite. In their original form they are shapeless things that can only live another dimension where they eventually die. All Kryptonians are grown in blue kryptonite eggs and in a stasis chamber. Most arrived to earth in shuttles from another dimension. When their human bodies are grown they are human babies. The creation of an kryptonian seem to "idealise" the human DNA making it so perfect that the Kryptonian is not human anyway but superhuman. As humans they always develop "human" metahuman powers that are not "natural" to their original form. Rather they are result of being some sort of hybrid.


Overview on Earths Races[edit]

The population boom of the 20th century damaged the human genepool and the super genes have mutated to become compatible with the human form.


The human race has long ago learned to think its the masterwork of the universe, that human life is more precious than other life forms. . "It" is wrong. There are another races spawned from humanity And an unknown prehistory that threatens to consume The Earth or its progenitor race

Super Mutants[edit]

The First Generation
The Second Race, Mutants.

The first creations of the Nietzschean Gene are known as mutants. Mutants are not a race, they are randomly changed humans with no solid DNA. Mutants does not share DNA with other mutants. Except for the X Gene.


The Second Generation; The Third Race.

Also called Homo Sapiens Superiour.

When mutants breed with mutants they spawned a generation that mutated beyond mutations. The Superhumans. The Superhumans are a new race, with a genetic imperative to destroy or dominate both their mutant parents and humanity. Superhumans have a fixed and solid DNA that they share with all other Superhumans.

The Ancients[edit]

Mysterious as they are they might still appear. The old ones where the ones to infect humanity with the X-gene. Maybe they will appear again to take revenge on mankind?

The Inhumans[edit]

The Inhumans are a secret race, an earlier version of Metahumans, neither mutant nor human.

The Dire Ferals[edit]

The X-gene have created a race that reverted to animal DNA Instead of developiong any powers that directly warps the universe. Part a reversion to humanoid ape and part absorbing DNA From different animals all over the globe.


Lawfull Humanist
Neutral Humanist
Chaotic Humanist
Lawfull Mutantkind
Neutral Mutantkind
Chaotic Mutantkind
Lawfull Government
Neutral Government
Chaotic Government
Lawfull Criminal
Neutral Criminal
Chaotic Criminal
Lawfull Noble Villain
Neutral Noble Villain
Chaotic Noble Villain
Lawfull Psychopath
Neutral Psychopath
Chaotic Psychopath
Lawfull scientist
Neutral scientist
True Mad scientist

Important Factions[edit]

The World's Judges[edit]

There is a meteor with a space station build on it circulating the Earth. On it powerful beings are self-appointed to be benevolent dictators. They act like international and neutral higher authority by right of force. They attack governments they feel are evil and judge all nations on Earth.

Mutant Right Police[edit]

Mutant diplomants[edit]

Mutant-human peace keepers[edit]

Mutant Cultists[edit]

Sects worshipping mutants and political extremists.


Rogue superhumans who are not always as much heroes as much as they travel around and try to dodge everything the world throws after them. Existing outside of the law and outside of society.

Defecting Super Weapons[edit]

There are hundreds of supertrained assassins and supersoldiers that defect and try to serve themselves. They often band together for mutual support when they do is they are usually hard for their former superiours to get to.

Heroes of Superpower[edit]

Your purpose is to protect and serve the interests of one of the imperialistic superpowers and maintain world dominance in its interest sphere on the globe. The Heroes are used as role models for loyal citizen. A propaganda machine maintains a national cult around the heroes making sure the civilians knows their place. This refers to military superteam organised more like an army. Usually forcefully recruit or execute any superpowered humans. Groups like this specialise in black ops and destruction of population centers.

Government anti-mutant programs[edit]

The world harbor many quasi-racist organisations for humanist supremacy and protecting the human race against evolutionary threats While artificially preventing mankind from evolving or changing. The only way to exterminate superpowered beings is to use superpowered beings but those superpowered beings does not want to be exterminated. So they have created their own brand of mutants, Prime Sentinels. The Prime Sentinels are cybernetically and genetically enhanced humans or mutants. But this technology can only be created by other mutants so O.Z.T is planning to create a mutant slave race that is allowed to live. All Prime Sentinels are programed to protect mankind against the mutant threat.

Project Apocalypse[edit]

Project Apocalypse was once created to prevent the apocalypse but in an post apocalyptic world the goal is to prevent the total destruction of the world and both of the twin human races.

The project is controlled from four central research facilities in the world. Named ; Pestilence, Famine, War and Death.

Pestilence research biological weapons of mass destruction and ways to protect mankind against them.

Famine research socioeconomcal threats and logistics. They create a serie of bunkers as store house for food for small minority of selected survivalists.

War, orgainse the paramilitary forces that defend Project Apocalypse from outsiders.

Death, is planning for the possibility of what do if mankind should be exterminated or may not be beyond saving. Perhaps the planet can be saved if the human race is exctinct? Perhaps we should prepare the planet for eventual aliens or possibible the next sentient race? Unfortionatly Death have closed themselves in their region and isolated themselves from the rest of the Project Apocalypse since 1955.

The Gift for the Gifted Institute[edit]

S. is group of private schools that often coperates with several Government.

Own hundreds wealthy professors and powerful individuals who run and own their own private schools for Superpowered children. Its a big slave industry. Often they are tortured and brainwashed and used for breeding to create a better superrace. Either way they are separated from their families and trained as agents for the US.government.

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